Meet the 2020 GIVEN Forum speakers! These established Catholic leaders will deliver keynotes, provide leadership trainings, give prayer workshops, and participate in panel discussions.

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The 2020 GIVEN Forum has been postponed to June 9-13, 2021. Please join us for Discover the Gift online in June 2020, which is open to all ages, and look out for 2021 Forum application details in the fall!

  • Andréa Polito
  • Anna Carter
  • Cassie Panzenbeck
  • Catherine Hadro
  • Colleen Carroll Campbell
  • Dr. Mary Ann Sorra
  • Fr. John Burns
  • Fr. Luke Joseph Leighton, CFR
  • Gloria Purvis
  • Glory Darbellay
  • Gretchen Crowe
  • Helen Alvaré
  • Jennifer Baugh
  • Jiza Zito
  • Jona Winkelman
  • Joshua Miller
  • Julie Larkin
  • Justina Kopp
  • Katie Woltornist
  • Kimberly Cook
  • Lauren Costabile
  • Leah Jacobson
  • Maggie Grevas
  • Mario Enzler
  • Mary Hallan FioRito
  • Megan Philip
  • Meghan Cokeley
  • Michelle Benzinger
  • Michelle Riestra
  • Mother Clare Matthiass, CFR
  • Sr. Bethany Madonna, SV
    Sr. Bethany Madonna, SV
  • Sr. Charity, SV
  • Sr. Deirdre Byrne, POSC
  • Sr. Maria Juan Anderson, RSM
  • Sr. Maria Theotókos Adams, SSVM
  • Sr. Mary Madeline Todd, OP
  • Stephen Giordano

2019 GIVEN Forum Speakers

We were also honored to have many wonderful speakers at the 2019 GIVEN Forum. Their profiles can be viewed here: 2019 GIVEN Forum Speakers.

Watch the 2019 talks on Youtube!

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