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The GIVEN Institute has developed a signature mentoring program available to women who have participated in a Leadership Forum.

The GIVEN Institute recruits and trains a network of mentors who want to accompany young Catholic women in activating their gifts for the Gospel. Particular attention is paid to the ways that women integrate faith, interpersonal relationships, professional aspirations, and vocational responsibilities.

If you are interested in this volunteer opportunity of becoming a GIVEN mentor or wish to learn more about the commitment and requirements for our program, please contact us.  We’d love to answer your questions or set up a phone call.

About Mentoring with GIVEN

At GIVEN, through the leadership of our founding religious sisters and the scholarship of Dr. Joshua Miller and Luke Burgis of The Inscape Center for Personal Vocation, we seek to help each woman hear the unique and unrepeatable call of the Holy Spirit in her life–what we would call her authentic personal vocation.  We believe that a woman’s vocation is “rooted in who she is rather than in what she does” and enables us “to find meaning in every circumstance of life.”  Burgis writes, “Personal vocation is the way each unique person was created and is called to give and receive love in the world.” We believe that we most fully realize ourselves through self-gift–and the love and care of others–and so relationship is at the heart of the Art of Accompaniment Mentoring Program.  GIVEN provides tools, resources, and community for women as they discover their gifts and live out their vocations. Our hope is that through receiving the love and gifts of other sisters in the Lord, each woman will be strengthened and equipped to respond with the unique gift that only she can give!

Mentoring through the Forum

Mentors, both lay and consecrated women, support the young women who attend the Leadership Forum. There are two components to this part of GIVEN’s mentoring program.  A lay woman and a consecrated religious woman are assigned a small group to lead as mentors through the Forum, and after the Forum, each mentor works with young women one-on-one for one year to support them as they implement their Action Plans. The Action Plan is each young woman’s initiative to activate her gifts in her own community for the Church and the world. All mentors are faithful Catholics and experienced leaders.  They are eager to help the next generation of Catholic female leaders develop their gifts and succeed in their vocations.

Mentoring through the GIVEN Network

The GIVEN Network is a vibrant, growing community of female leaders.  As such, GIVEN recognizes that there are many Catholic women who desire to be part of this mission but who cannot come to the Forum. Potential mentors and faith leaders are encouraged to contact us about regional events, virtual engagement, GIVEN Academy trainings, and potential one-time mentoring connections.

Mentor FAQs

What are the requirements for being a GIVEN Mentor?2021-12-03T13:14:29-05:00

You must be over the age of 31 and have 8+ years of experience in your profession or vocation.

Can religious sisters be Mentors?2021-12-03T13:15:04-05:00

Absolutely! We have been blessed with the presence of many religious sisters who have spent a year accompanying young women in our Art of Accompaniment program. To be a considered as a Mentor, a religious sister must be fully professed or in temporary vows.

What is the time commitment for being a GIVEN Mentor?2021-12-03T13:15:34-05:00

GIVEN Mentors commit to 6 virtual training sessions leading up to the Forum, one hour in length each, arrive on June 20th and depart on June 25th, lead a small group at the Forum with another woman, and journey for one year, with a maximum of 2 mentees from the 2022 cohort in the Art of Accompaniment Program.

Is there a cost associated with being a GIVEN Mentor?2022-10-17T11:13:17-04:00

GIVEN Mentors, both lay and consecrated serve as Volunteers at the Forum. They will receive complimentary food and lodging on campus during the Forum. Travel will be covered for consecrated religious sisters who take a vow of poverty.

What is the difference between Mentor and Event Volunteer?2022-01-14T16:23:34-05:00

While both of these roles are available to lay and consecrated women 31 and up, there are different activities and time commitment. Please refer to this PDF for the comparison between the two roles.


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