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The GIVEN Institute is developing a signature mentoring program available to women who have participated in a Leadership Forum.

The GIVEN institute will recruit and train a network of mentors who want to accompany young Catholic women to activate their gifts for the Gospel. Particular attention will be paid to the ways that women integrate faith, interpersonal relationships, professional aspirations, and vocational responsibilities.

Mentoring at the Forum

Every participant will receive support from a dedicated mentor for their specific track. Small group sessions will be tailored to helping facilitate relationships and answer topic-specific questions for their area. This will be complemented by the spiritual support and guidance offered by religious sisters.

Digital Webinars

Alumnae will have access to digital webinars which develop themes and topics covered at the Forum. These will include faith formation, leadership development, and practical skills.

One-on-one Accompaniment

We are working to build a network of leading Catholic women who will serve as mentors for alumnae of the GIVEN Forum who apply for participation in our Art of Accompaniment Mentoring Program. GIVEN will develop training for mentors, match mentors with mentees, and provide resources to facilitate connection and evaluate success.