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2019 GIVEN Forum Videos

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2016 GIVEN Forum Videos

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I. Keynote Addresses

Keynote speeches are delivered by leading Catholic women across a diversity of professional fields and religious orders who share their faith and leadership experience. Each talk is designed to equip Catholic women with the confidence and skills necessary to advance their careers and strengthen their vocations in light of the Church’s teaching on the dignity of women and its vision for their flourishing.

II. Panel Discussions

The panel discussions provide personal testimonies that cover a range of topics relevant to the contemporary Catholic woman.

III. Training Sessions

These sessions provide attendees with concrete skills for their growth in leadership roles. Attendees receive practical tools that can be applied in a variety of professions and ministries.

IV. Action Plan

Women arrive to the GIVEN Forum with an Action Plan in mind and receive feedback and support in implementing their plan while in attendance. Sr. Bethany Madonna, SV offers steps to putting a concrete plan into effect while recognizing the need to respond to change. She encourages women to stay focused and courageous in pursuing their plan while trusting in God’s plan throughout the process.

V. Closing Remarks

GIVEN participants are tasked with implementing a post-Forum action plan in a community of their choosing. Mother Agnes Mary Donovan, SV offers encouragement for moving forward in God’s plan, emphasizing the importance of staying rooted in Him to live out authentic leadership.