Katherine Meeks

Katherine Meeks serves as Executive Director of Endow, a Catholic organization creating opportunities for Catholic woman to dive into the beauty and heritage of our faith through community and small groups worldwide. Prior to Endow, Katherine co-founded DIGDEEP, a water non-profit focusing on providing sustainable clean water access to communities around the globe. In that role, Katherine quickly realized that the best way to ensure an effective and long-lasting transition to clean water was through empowering women in each community. Prior to DIGDEEP, she worked for TOMs shoes in Santa Monica, CA working in their giving department supporting a non-profit at the center of one of the fastest growing social enterprise businesses. A graduate of Depauw University with a degree in Biology and Conflict Studies, Katherine spent time in Peru and South Africa conducting public health research to uncover forced eugenic practices on women who were members of impoverished populations. She has volunteered in women’s prisons and clinics in the developing world, working with communities in Cameroon, South Sudan, South Africa, Peru and the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico. A Native of Chicago, she now resides in Denver, CO with her husband Matt and three year old son Ralph.

Watch her talk from the 2019 GIVEN Forum!