We are pleased to introduce the 2019 GIVEN Forum speakers. Check back frequently to meet these established Catholic leaders who will be delivering keynotes, providing leadership trainings, giving prayer workshops, and participating in panel discussions.

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  • Sister Miriam
    Sr. Miriam James Heidland, SOLT
  • Gloria Purvis
  • Sr. Bethany Madonna, SV
    Sr. Bethany Madonna, SV
  • Helen Alvaré
  • Sr. Mary Madeline Todd, OP
  • Jeanne Mancini
  • Stephen Giordano
  • Beverly Hallberg
  • Kerry Alys Robinson
  • Art and Laraine Bennett
  • Mary Rice Hasson
  • Anna Halpine
  • Kim Daniels
  • Sr. Anna Marie McGuan, RSM
  • Gretchen Crowe
  • Sr. Constance Veit, LSP
  • Kathryn Jean Lopez
  • Dr. Margaret Laracy
  • Thérèse Bermpohl
  • Dr. Jeanne Schindler
  • Joan Rosenhauer
  • Mary Devlin Capizzi
  • Sr. Mary Elizabeth Endee, FSE
  • Montse Alvarado
  • Laura Wolk
  • Katherine Meeks
  • Sr. Regina Marie Gorman, OCD
  • Clare Byrne
  • Elizabeth Kirk

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