Elizabeth Russell

Location: Lisle, IL Job Title: Writer and Entrepreneur Organization: The Flight House Education: Magdalen College Degree: Liberal Arts, Concentration in Philosophy Elizabeth Russell, GIVEN '16 "[W]hen I uncovered my original action plan from 2016, while moving boxes as I once again moved out of my parent’s home, I laughed and cried. I had not realized how [...]

Elizabeth Russell2021-07-12T23:05:08-04:00

Krista Corbello

Location: Los Angeles, CA Job Title: Social Media Coordinator Organization: Digital Communications, Archdiocese of Los Angeles Education: University of Louisiana at Lafayette; Divine Mercy University Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Communications (Concentration in Public Relations), Minor in Business; Pursuing Master of Science, Psychology Krista Corbello, GIVEN '19 The GIVEN Forum gave me a space to explore my [...]

Krista Corbello2021-07-12T23:09:51-04:00

Beth Leverich

Location: Kansas City, KS Job Title: Media Manager Organization: VMLY&R Education: University of Minnesota - Twin Cities Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Journalism & Strategic Communication; Minor, Vocal Performance Beth Leverich, GIVEN '19 My key takeaway from the GIVEN Forum was to be me - fully, unapologetically, imperfectly me.  God made me good, very good, in fact, [...]

Beth Leverich2021-07-12T23:19:33-04:00

Candice Punzalan

Location: Fullerton, CA Job Title: Business Assurance Staff Organization: Public Accounting Education: California State University, Fullerton Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Business - Accounting; Master of Science, Accountancy Candice Punzalan, GIVEN '19 The GIVEN Forum was an anointed time. We were close to the sacraments. We listened to speakers pour their hearts out and share their secrets. [...]

Candice Punzalan2021-07-12T23:26:01-04:00

Alyssa Breen

Location: St. Paul, MN Job Title:  Stay-at-home-mom / Adjunct Professor Organization: My house / New York University Education: University of Minnesota, Twin Cities; New York University Degree: Bachelor of Science, Child Psychology; Bachelor of Arts,  Art History; Ph.D., Developmental Psychology Alyssa Breen, GIVEN '16 "[My] key takeaway was a picture. At the last get-together, I think [...]

Alyssa Breen2021-07-12T23:36:52-04:00

Jennifer Durney

Location: Erie, PA Job Title: Director for Religious Education at Blessed Sacrament parish; Catholic Campus Minister at Penn State Erie; Administrative Assistant for the Faith Formation Office at the Diocese of Erie Education: Juniata College, Gannon University Degree: Bachelors in Biology & Secondary Education; Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry   Jennifer Durney, GIVEN '19 "Working [...]

Jennifer Durney2021-07-12T23:42:20-04:00

Ali Hoffman

Location: Carrollton, TX Job Title: Entrepreneur/Artist/Creator Organization: The Oodles of Doodles Education: University of Saint Thomas Degree: Bachelor of  Art, Catholic  Studies and Family Studies Ali Hoffman, GIVEN '16 "I really started to understand what the feminine genius really is — that each woman has unique gifts and talents needed for such a time as this." [...]

Ali Hoffman2021-07-12T23:46:26-04:00

Julia Sauter

Location: Cincinnati, OH Job Title: Office Projects Coordinator for the Mission Education and Ministry Office Organization: Glenmary Home Missioners Education: Mt. St. Mary’s University, Los Angeles and the Jesuit School of Theology in Berkeley, CA Degree: Bachelor of Arts, English and Theology; Master of Arts, Ethics Julia Sauter, GIVEN '19 "That the Feminine Genius is an [...]

Julia Sauter2021-07-12T23:53:12-04:00

Regina Karluah

Location: Bristol, PA Job Title: Founder of Echoes of Africa Organization: Echoes of Africa Education: Temple University Degree: Bachelor of Arts Global Economic Regina D M Karluah, GIVEN '16 "The GIVEN Forum showed me that we are not alone; our Fiat should always equal Mary's Fiat; and being a female is a pure and beautiful gift!" [...]

Regina Karluah2021-07-12T23:57:11-04:00


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