Caitlin Desmé

Location: Fort Myers, FL Job Title: Learning & Development Manager Organization: Executive Services, Gartner Education: Ave Maria University Degree: Politics Caitlin Desmé, GIVEN '22 Please share a little about yourself - feel free to include a fun fact! My name is Caitlin Desme and I am a born-and-bred Midwesterner transplanted to Southwest Florida. My husband, Grant, and [...]

Caitlin Desmé2023-07-26T14:02:06-04:00

Elizabeth Campo

Location: Dallas, TX Job Title: Volunteer Specialist Organization: North Texas Food Bank Education: Texas Tech University Degree: Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Management and Accounting Elizabeth Campo, GIVEN '22 Please share a little about yourself - feel free to include a fun fact! Hi there, I am Elizabeth Campo from the great state of Texas! [...]

Elizabeth Campo2023-07-25T10:51:45-04:00

Ellen Holloway

Location: Fremont, CA Job Title: Stay-at-Home Mom and Business Owner Organization: Vines in Full Bloom Education: UC Davis, undergrad | Pontifex University, MSA in progress Degree: Communication | Masters: Theology of the Body and the New Evangelization Ellen Holloway, GIVEN '22 Please share a little about yourself - feel free to include a fun fact! [...]

Ellen Holloway2023-07-10T19:04:13-04:00

Daniela Egües-Roversi

Location: Miami, FL Job Title:  Social Media Manager Education: Florida International University  Degree: Mass Communication and Portuguese Daniela Egües-Roversi, GIVEN '22 Please share a little about yourself - feel free to include a fun fact! I was born & raised in Valencia, Venezuela and moved to the states in 2000. I have been here ever [...]

Daniela Egües-Roversi2023-07-03T18:30:38-04:00

Elizabeth Russell

Location: Lisle, IL Job Title: Writer and Entrepreneur Organization: The Flight House Education: Magdalen College Degree: Liberal Arts, Concentration in Philosophy Elizabeth Russell, GIVEN '16 "[W]hen I uncovered my original action plan from 2016, while moving boxes as I once again moved out of my parent’s home, I laughed and cried. I had not realized how [...]

Elizabeth Russell2021-07-12T23:05:08-04:00

Krista Corbello

Location: Los Angeles, CA Job Title: Social Media Coordinator Organization: Digital Communications, Archdiocese of Los Angeles Education: University of Louisiana at Lafayette; Divine Mercy University Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Communications (Concentration in Public Relations), Minor in Business; Pursuing Master of Science, Psychology Krista Corbello, GIVEN '19 The GIVEN Forum gave me a space to explore my [...]

Krista Corbello2021-07-12T23:09:51-04:00

Beth Leverich

Location: Kansas City, KS Job Title: Media Manager Organization: VMLY&R Education: University of Minnesota - Twin Cities Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Journalism & Strategic Communication; Minor, Vocal Performance Beth Leverich, GIVEN '19 My key takeaway from the GIVEN Forum was to be me - fully, unapologetically, imperfectly me.  God made me good, very good, in fact, [...]

Beth Leverich2021-07-12T23:19:33-04:00

Candice Punzalan

Location: Fullerton, CA Job Title: Business Assurance Staff Organization: Public Accounting Education: California State University, Fullerton Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Business - Accounting; Master of Science, Accountancy Candice Punzalan, GIVEN '19 The GIVEN Forum was an anointed time. We were close to the sacraments. We listened to speakers pour their hearts out and share their secrets. [...]

Candice Punzalan2021-07-12T23:26:01-04:00
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