Participants share how being a part of GIVEN shaped their future.   

Discovering My Mission at the Border

“After hearing talks from women like Sr. Norma Pimentel and speaking with the Little Sisters of the Poor throughout the week, I was inspired to look into pursuing a career as a social worker and have since gotten my Master’s degree in social work. I now work full-time alongside of Sister Norma at the border.

Graduate School as a Path to Ministry

“I attended GIVEN as a recent undergrad graduate, not really knowing what I wanted to do. I ended up learning of my current graduate school program through a fellow attendee and was inspired by other women who worked in ministry. GIVEN was the catalyst that led to my decision to get a Masters in Theology and pursue ministry work.”

Using My Same Degree in a New Way

“Because of GIVEN, I am now planning on using my law degree to further the mission of the Church in pro-life and pro-family work.”