Sr. Michelle Elizabeth, O.Carm

Sister Michelle Elizabeth is a Carmelite Sister for the Aged and Infirm, and currently serves as an assistant in the social services department at Mother Angeline McCrory Manor in Columbus, OH. Originally from Staten Island, NY, Sister is a proud New Yorker. Prior to entering the Community, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Adolescent Education with a concentration in Social Studies from St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights, NY. Sister Michelle Elizabeth first met the Carmelite Sisters in the summer of 2015, when she had the opportunity to participate in their summer program, SALT (Serving the Aged Lovingly Today); she went on to participate in four other SALT programs. In October of 2019 she entered the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm, and professed her First Vows in August of 2022. The life of a Carmelite Sister for the Aged and Infirm is all about holding the hand of an aged person and giving meaning to their lives. It is truly about being a mother, a sister, a daughter and a friend to someone who is
another’s mother, sister, friend and loved one. It is a mission centered on bringing Christ to the aged and infirm, as well as encountering Him through them.

Sister Michelle Elizabeth is an alumna of the 2016 GIVEN Forum.