Simone Rizkallah

Before discovering her passion for the Faith and the call to evangelize, Simone worked in marketing, communications, media, radio and her first love, theatre. She has worked at the parish level, for both youth and adult formation at St. Ambrose parish in Annandale, Virginia and taught high school seniors moral theology and Church History and chaired the Theology Department at St. Mary’s Catholic High School in Phoenix, Arizona. She also served at Endow, an apostolate for women dedicated to cultivating a New Feminism according to the vision of Pope St. John Paul II. Her graduate degree is in Theological Studies with an emphasis in Systematic Theology from Christendom College.

Currently, Simone is Deputy Director of Education at the Philos Project, a frequent guest on Catholic Answers Live, and a faculty member of the Avila Institute.

As a first generation American of Egyptian-Armenian descent, Simone has a particular interest in matters of religious freedom, culture and the Eastern roots of the Faith. You can find her talks and publications on and her thoughts on the prophetic value of Church documents on The Endow Podcast