The application deadline has passed. Thank you for applying; we will notify applicants of our decision in March. Recommendation letters must be received before Friday, February 19 and can be uploaded here. Please contact us if you have any questions.

  • Download and Complete Application. The application is a PDF form that includes your basic information, interests, short answer questions, an essay, and your Action Plan proposal. Download the application and save it on your computer. Once completed, upload the PDF through the form on this page after logging in to your account. Do not attempt to fill out the application online.
    Download Application

  • Upload Your Resume. We want to learn more about your educational background, work experience, and involvement in community service and leadership roles. Upload your resume through the form on this page after logging in to your account.

  • Letters of Recommendation. Please have two letters of recommendation submitted on your behalf, as follows:

    1. Professional (Employer/Professor)
    2. Mentor (Priest/Religious Sister/Campus Minister/Spiritual Director)

    Invite the recommenders to submit their letter through the following online form.

  • Scholarship Request. Applicants who would like to submit a scholarship request can do so through the online scholarship request form.