Pamela Medina – Intern

Pamela Medina is a senior English major at Franciscan University of Steubenville. When she is not reading a book or writing, she loves to explore hiking trails, create delicious desserts, and capture special moments on her film camera.

God has captivated the heart of Pamela through beauty, and she is constantly drawn to it through poetry, music, art, people, the wonders of nature, and in the silence of prayer in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. In every aspect of her life, she seeks to live a life of complete freedom and to be enveloped in God’s life-giving love. It is because of this that she desires to cultivate community and fellowship everywhere she goes so that others can also experience a place where they can belong and be free in the gift that they are.

In her work, Pamela encounters, uplifts, and affirms those around her to let them know of their God-given worth and that God is calling. Some of her projects include: co-founding a ministry, which involved creating and implementing a permanent structure for young high school girls to be able to cultivate their gifts and invite others to a unifying sisterhood; encountering the children of Baia Mare, Romania as a missionary; growing as a pro-life advocate and sidewalk counselor; co-founding a university household to promote growth and invite healing for the members through prayer, support, and accountability.

Pamela looks forward to being part of GIVEN as an intern and cannot wait to grow immensely as a Catholic professional.

“They are his wildflowers whose homeliness delights Him. By stooping down to them, He manifests His infinite grandeur. The sun shines equally on cedars and on every tiny flower. In just the same way God looks after every soul as if it had no equal. All is planned for the good of every soul, exactly as the seasons are so arranged that the humblest daisy blossoms at the appointed time.” – St. Therese of Lisieux, Story of a Soul