Krista Corbello

Krista Corbello is a speaker who uses her voice for the unborn, including her sibling who died by abortion. Charismatic and passionate, Krista speaks about her story of origin as a first-generation American whose immigrant parents were abortion-vulnerable, but by her mom’s life-affirming choice became a testimony of God’s merciful love, healing, and hope.

Krista’s activism and ministry includes comprehensive education on the consistent life ethic, young adult and music ministry, and offering her gifts to share the heart of Christ to the world. 

Krista is an artist whose contemplative lens uses songwriting, dancing, and performing arts as a way to reach those through the universality of beauty. 

Krista enjoys hosting parties with good Cajun or Filipino food, coffee, Disney movies, and karaoke. Her most cherished roles are godmother, sister, daughter, and friend. She is an alumna of the 2019 GIVEN Forum. Read more about her experience here.