Katie Weiss

A participant of the first GIVEN Forum in 2016, Katie Weiss (Woltornist)’s action plan was to lead a small group program on prayer and art. This action plan later developed into Behold Visio Divina, a ministry that helps women understand their dignity through pondering the feminine genius in art.

Through books, group formation, online community, museum days, and workshops, Behold gives women the opportunity to grow in their relationship with God and one another. Currently, Behold has 9 published books and has groups both within the United States and internationally.

Katie is a New Jersey native and received her undergraduate degree in Theology from Catholic Distance University. Her talks and workshops have been featured in multiple venues, such as the Frassati Fellowship of New York City, the Edith Stein Project, and Franciscan University. Katie speaks often on the topics of: Prayer, Theology of the Body, Beauty, Healing through Art, and the Feminine Genius.

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