Joshua Miller

Joshua Miller is committed to building a culture of personal vocation and helping those he is privileged to serve become fully who God created them to be. He is the co-author, with Luke Burgis, of Unrepeatable: Cultivating the Unique Calling of Every Person.

In 2016, with Luke Burgis, he founded Inscape, an organization devoted to cultivating the unique calling of every person. Through Inscape he offers training, speaking, and workshops related to cultivating a culture of personal vocation.

Joshua loves working in a college setting with young adults. He helped build The Center for Leadership at Franciscan University of Steubenville where he currently serves as a vocation coach for students and a vocation coach trainer for faculty and staff of the institution.

Joshua is a leader in the field of narrative based motivational assessment and a master practitioner of the System for Identifying Motivated Abilities®. For the last 18 years he has applied his expertise in a variety of applications, including executive search, organizational development, talent management, and coaching.

He is a co-developer of MCORE, the first on-line assessment that blends a person’s own achievement stories with established psychometric constructs. He regularly offers MCORE Training and Certification workshops.

His long standing desire to understand and help people develop their unique giftedness led to an MA & Ph.D. in Philosophy of the Human Person. He continues to integrate learning from this study into his coaching and consulting practices.

Joshua and his wife, Brooke, are joyfully Catholic, have six wonderful children and live in Steubenville, Ohio.

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