Grace Anderson


Grace Anderson was born and raised in St. Augustine, Florida. She is currently studying marketing and entrepreneurship at the Catholic University of America and will graduate in 2025. She is passionate about making people comfortable within her school as she came weeks early to be an orientation advisor for the incoming freshmen of 2023. Apart from making personal relationships with her fellow classmates, Grace has a love for travel and had the blessing of studying abroad in Rome for her second semester of Sophomore year. Reading, painting, exploring nature, and fashion are some of her favorite things. If she has the ability to be creative, Grace will enjoy any activity.

Born a protestant, she did not fully experience the Catholic faith until she chose to be fully initiated into the Catholic Church at age 14. After attending a Catholic middle school, Grace decided that she fully believed in the consecration of the Holy Eucharist and wanted to be able to receive it during Mass. However, it was not until her senior year of high school that Grace fully understood the importance of her faith. Now, she is determined to prioritize her faith in school and the business world. After growing up with many influential women in her life, Grace feels that there is great strength in women embracing their faith and femininity in business settings.