GIVEN Forum Specialties: Each Forum attendee will participate in a specialty that will help to shape the small group discussions and mentoring received throughout the Forum.

Action Plan: GIVEN Forum participants will propose and implement a one-year Action Plan to activate their God-given gifts in the Church and in the world. 

GIVEN Forum Specialties


This specialty is designed for young women who have an innovative idea for a new mission, organization, or apostolate. These young women will be guided by established leaders with business acumen and entrepreneurial experience who will support them as they develop their ideas, solidify their plans, and strategize for launch.

This specialty is designed for young women who have spent one to three years in service as a missionary, a member of the military, a volunteer in a service corps, or in religious life and desire guidance in discovering God’s will for their next steps. These young women will be paired with mentors who have extensive service experience and are equipped to support them in transitioning confidently to future endeavors using the gifts and skills they have developed in their years of service.

Catholic Professional

This specialty is for women who are working within Catholic organizations (e.g. diocesan employees, youth/young adult/campus ministers, educators, non-profit employees) who would like to grow as leaders in their fields. Specific attention will be paid to the challenges and opportunities of working in non-profit and faith-based organizations. They will be mentored by experienced Catholic professionals who lead a variety of Church and non-profit ministries.

Secular Professional

This specialty is designed for Catholic women called to a secular workplace or to the public square (e.g. business, finance/accounting, law, sports management/coaching, small business owner, educational leadership, government/public policy, journalist) who desire support as they integrate faith and professional life, navigate secular controversies with faith, and grow as a Catholic and a leader in the secular world. They will be mentored by Catholic professionals and executives who work in a diversity of fields.

This specialty is designed for women who are creative at heart and have a strong desire to use their gifts in the service of others.  Whether a dancer, musician, painter, content creator, writer, or graphic designer, this speciality supports the unique calling and challenges of bringing the good, true, and beautiful to our world and Church. Mentors in this specialty are all experienced artists with varied gifts who will guide, challenge, and support the work of the artist. 

Care for the Human Person
A particular gift of the feminine genius is to nurture life, to care for the other.  Although all women are called to nurture life in all vocations and professions, this specialty is designed for women who serve in direct roles caring for the human person.  Those in the medical field, such as doctors and nurses, and other healing fields, such as counselors, life-coaches, and psychiatrists, as well as those who serve as primary caregivers of children or the elderly will be supported in this group. Mentors who have made caring for the human person their life’s work will serve to inspire and further equip the young leaders who share this calling and will particularly guide them to participate in the Church’s rich tradition of social teaching and ethics.

Action Plan

Each GIVEN Forum participant will come with an initial Action Plan proposal that she will continue to discern and develop. Throughout the Forum, mentors will assist with the Action Plan development, and GIVEN staff and mentors will help guide the implementation of Action Plans after the Forum. Action Plans will be completed within the year following the GIVEN Forum, and progress reports will allow the young women to share the status and fruits of their Action Plan.

The Action Plan is each woman’s unique initiative to activate her God-given gifts in the Church and in the world. What do you consider your life’s mission? What moves you; sets you on fire; gives you life? Is there a particular population or group you feel drawn to serve? What are your gifts? The Action Plan will be different for each GIVEN Forum participant because it gives expression to the unique desires the Lord has laid on your heart. Think BIG, dream big, pray deeply, take note of your own desires and capacities, and mold your vision of an Action Plan that will be a gift of yourself that keeps on giving!

Examples of previous Action Plans can be found here: Alumnae Action Plans.