Can I be a Mentor without attending the GIVEN Forum?

While one of the requirements to being a GIVEN Mentor is attendance at at least one Leadership Forum, we sometimes offer a one-time mentoring conversation with women in our network who are seeking support for a specific skill. A follow-up conversation is scheduled upon review of application if skills and experience match the needs required.

Can I be a Mentor without attending the GIVEN Forum?2023-02-08T08:32:51-05:00

What is the time commitment for being a GIVEN Mentor?

Mentors are required to participate in virtual preparatory training sessions leading up to the Forum and commit to an initial relationship of one year with up to two mentees in order to accompany them as the young women continue to integrate Forum themes and ideas into their lives and implement their Action Plans.

What is the time commitment for being a GIVEN Mentor?2023-02-08T08:34:11-05:00

Can religious sisters be Mentors?

Absolutely! We have been blessed with the presence of many religious sisters who have spent a year accompanying young women in our Art of Accompaniment program. To be a considered as a Mentor, a religious sister must be fully professed or in temporary vows.

Can religious sisters be Mentors?2021-12-03T13:15:04-05:00

What are the requirements for being a GIVEN Mentor?

You must be over the age of 36 and have 8+ years of experience in your profession or vocation. Mentors must have a willingness to journey with other women in their particular state in life, leading from her own experience and personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the Church.

What are the requirements for being a GIVEN Mentor?2023-02-08T08:33:34-05:00

What health and safety measures will be in place at the Forum?

GIVEN is committed to hosting the 2022 Forum safely and in person. We will follow the regulations and policies of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and Neumann University. Under current requirements, GIVEN plans to exercise the following safety measures at the Forum: Face coverings: Everyone attending the GIVEN Forum will be required to wear a mask over her nose and mouth [...]

What health and safety measures will be in place at the Forum?2021-11-02T09:29:00-04:00

Can I fundraise for the Forum costs?

Absolutely. The GIVEN Institute encourages accepted participants to seek support from friends, family, parish members, and others so that they can attend the Forum and bring their gifts back to their local community. Many GIVEN Forum participants have also asked their workplace or diocese to sponsor their attendance.

Can I fundraise for the Forum costs?2021-11-01T14:22:19-04:00

Will there be scholarships available?

Yes, a limited number of scholarships are available for participants in need of assistance. Applicants will have the opportunity to request a scholarship while completing the application.

Will there be scholarships available?2021-11-01T14:23:02-04:00

How much does the GIVEN Forum cost?

Through the generosity of benefactors and philanthropic foundations, the GIVEN Institute has been able to subsidize the cost of the leadership Forum and ongoing programming. Participant contribution to the Forum includes a registration fee of $650 and the cost of travel. Your registration fee includes food and lodging as well as Forum programming and dedicated one-on-one mentorship from August 2022-May [...]

How much does the GIVEN Forum cost?2021-11-01T14:23:57-04:00


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