This specialty is designed for young women who have an innovative idea for a new mission, organization, or apostolate. These young women will be guided by established leaders with business acumen and entrepreneurial experience who will support them as they develop their ideas, solidify their plans, and strategize for launch.


  • Kathryn Brewer

    Please share a little about yourself – feel free to include a fun fact! Hi there! I’m Kathryn. I’m currently a PhD candidate in biochemistry at Vanderbilt University. When I’m not in the [...]


  • Regina Boyd – Communication, Boundaries and Avoiding Burnout Workshop – 2022 GIVEN Forum

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  • St. Jacinta

    When St. Jacinta was canonized with her brother Francisco, a few years ago in 2017, the two children became the youngest non-martyrs to be canonized. Born in Portugal in 1910, Jacinta was the youngest [...]