Donna M. Ottaviano-Britt

Donna M. Ottaviano-Britt leads the Secretariat through collaboration between multiple pastoral offices and the 62 parishes working for the salvation of souls. She is also the first director of the office of Discipleship and Leadership. Every baptized Catholic is a leader and the church needs them more than ever. The priority of the office is leadership development for both clergy and laity. Parish leaders, living their personal vocations, form other disciples on mission and make the church vibrant and beautiful.

After a long corporate career, she brings her skills and gifts to serve God’s people in  South Jersey. Donna seeks to engage as many people as possible helping them see their unique mission that only they can fulfill for the kingdom. She possesses a fundamental belief that every Catholic know his/her own story of relationship with God and share it – boldly – with others as a way to love and serve as part of their everyday life.

Donna currently lives in Ocean City, NJ, with her husband, her personal St. Joseph who goes by the name Joe, too.