Andréa Polito

Andréa Polito is a consecrated virgin who grew up in southern California and now calls Denver, CO home. After graduating from Franciscan University of Steubenville with her nursing degree she entered the world of pediatric oncology and hospice and has continued this work for over 11 years. After a brief stint in Washington D.C. she moved to Denver where she discovered mountains, craft beer and her vocation to be consecrated in the lay state. She was consecrated for the Archdiocese of Denver on the Feast of Saint Mary Magdalene in 2017. She lives an ordinary and boring life, although being a spouse of Christ makes for daily adventures and a track record of 100% losses in the “marital disputes” department. She loves talking about consecrated life and exposing other Catholics to its beauty in the Church as well as being a witness to Christ’s love in the medical field, a growing challenge in our age. All in all she’s a normal woman, trying to live in the truth of being chosen by Christ every day.