The Action Plan is your unique initiative to activate your God-given gifts in the Church and in the world. What do you consider your life’s mission? What moves you; sets you on fire; gives you life? Is there a particular population or group you feel drawn to serve? What are your gifts?

The Action Plan will be different for each participant because it gives expression to the unique desires the Lord has placed on your heart. Think BIG, dream big, pray deeply, take note of your desires and capacities, and mold your vision of an Action Plan that will be a gift of yourself that keeps on giving!

Each GIVEN Forum participant has submitted an Action Plan Proposal that she will continue to discern and develop throughout the Forum. Come to the GIVEN Forum prepared to network with other like-minded young women who may have suggestions or ideas for your project and to receive advice from mentors and religious sisters. Be open to the Holy Spirit and His promptings!

What should I do before the GIVEN Forum?

Review your Action Plan Proposal, and continue to think and pray about this unique initiative through which you will use your gifts in service of others and the Gospel. Consider the practical steps you will take to implement your plan, talk to people who may become involved with your initiative, and research the feasibility of your plan further. Create a timeline for the completion of your project within the next year, and move forward with preliminary steps.

A GIVEN Action Plan is:

  • A new initiative
  • Benefits others
  • Completed within one year after your Forum attendance

Prompts for Each Specialty:

As a reminder, below are the prompts for each specialty from the Action Plan Proposal:

  • Artistic: The Action Plan proposal should share an artistic project or endeavor that highlights or creates beauty, truth and goodness in the world.
  • Care for the Human Person: The Action Plan proposal should deepen your own caring work or support a larger community of caregivers and should promote or celebrate the sanctity of life in a particular way.
  • Catholic Professional: The Action Plan should be outside the scope of your normal job duties and will ideally relate to the  community and mission that you serve.
  • Entrepreneurial: The Action Plan proposal should be, in whole or in part, your idea of a new mission, organization, or apostolate.
  • Post-Service: The Action Plan proposal should relate to how you plan to bring your experience in long-term service and the gifts you have cultivated throughout this time to a new community.
  • Secular Professional: The Action Plan proposal could either further the integration of your faith and professional life or address a unique need outside the context of your work.

Action Plan Examples:

For examples of previous GIVEN Forum Action Plans, you can visit Alumnae Action Plans. Additionally, past Action Plans have included blogs, pilgrimages, book clubs, websites, parish ministries, youth ministries, young adult ministries, faith-sharing groups for women, workshops, Bible studies, retreats, conferences, nonprofit organizations, homeless ministries, music ministries, curriculums, books, young adult households, and so much more! The possibilities are endless!