Upcoming GIVEN Academy Events

GIVEN Academy Season 3 begins October 20th! With our in-depth skills trainings for Catholic female leaders of all ages, you’ll get practical advice and Q&A with experts from a Catholic perspective. You receive useful information and strategies you can implement immediately at home, at work or in your community. This year’s sessions are listed below. Click the links to purchase tickets for individual sessions:

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Want a sample of what GIVEN Academy is all about? We are excited to offer a free training from Season 1 to all subscribers! Cassie Panzenbeck shared insight on how to start a business in her session, “Taking Care of Business: How to Start a Business or Nonprofit.” In this training, Cassie goes in-depth into how to decide on if a for-profit or non-profit is right for your venture, how to research your idea, and the steps to take to start your business. Fill out this form to get the link:

The GIVEN Institute is proud to offer exclusive GIVEN Academy trainings to the GIVEN Network. Academy sessions are led by established female leaders and include faith formation, leadership development, and practical skills to take your life and leadership to the next level. GIVEN Academy will support you as you bring the unique gifts of the feminine genius to bear in all areas of your life and support you as you respond with the gift that only you can give. Learn More

Past GIVEN Academy Recordings

Recordings of a previous GIVEN Academy can be purchased forĀ  $25 per session.

More About GIVEN Academy

GIVEN Academy is another avenue of grace in the lives of young women as they seek to deploy their gifts in the world. GIVEN Academy hosts an annual series of six trainings led by lay leaders and religious sisters in the GIVEN Network that will provide an opportunity to develop actionable skills young women need to fulfill their callings. Aligned with our Forum specialties (Artistic, Catholic Professional, Care for the Human Person, Entrepreneurial, and Secular Professional), our presenters for each specialty have knowledge, expertise, and experience to share. Each training will be streamed live from the St. John Paul II Shrine and will include a live Q&A in which participants will have the opportunity to connect directly with the Catholic female leader presenting the session!