On Mission in the Rio Grande Valley

When I heard Sr. Norma Pimentel, Executive Director of Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley, speak at the 2016 GIVEN Forum, I felt compelled to help her mission close to the US-Mexico border but I had no idea how or why. I prayed and waited for God to make a way. God began to show me the way [...]

On Mission in the Rio Grande Valley2022-10-04T09:30:14-04:00

Building Community after Mission

I felt the pit in my stomach grow. Another weekend, no plans except studying, alone. Life as a graduate student was surprisingly isolating! How would I get through the next two years? “God, I’m so lonely!” I prayed. “I need a community. Please.” Community had been built into my life as a missionary on college campuses. Reaching out to others [...]

Building Community after Mission2022-10-04T09:31:25-04:00

An Unexpected Call to Work for the Church

"I’m going to do it.” That’s what I told my mom on the phone when I finally decided to leave my secular marketing career to work for the Church. Months of discernment had built up to this moment. The thought was both intriguing and intimidating, an adventure and a risk. Would I regret such a big career move? Would [...]

An Unexpected Call to Work for the Church2022-10-04T09:33:22-04:00


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