Nominate a woman you admire as a Catholic Female Leader!

The Catholic Female Leaders Celebration will take place on June 11, 2021 during the GIVEN Forum. GIVEN will recognize two women (one lay woman and one consecrated woman) who demonstrate a commitment to radiating the feminine genius through the activation of their unique gifts.  In service to the Church and the world, a Catholic Female Leader demonstrates this by:

  • Receiving the gift that she is
  • Realizing the gifts she has been given
  • Responding with the gift only she can give


Any Catholic woman living within the United States over the age of 30 who adheres to the teachings of the Magisterium. 

The Nomination Process

GIVEN Alumnae and Mentors are invited to submit a nomination for women you would like to recognize for their significant contributions in the Church and the world.  Each nominee will be announced to the GIVEN Board of Directors and Network Advisory Committee.  The two selected recipients of this honor will be celebrated at the annual Meet and Greet Networking Event during the GIVEN Forum. All nomination forms will be kept confidential.

Tips for writing your nomination:

  • Give specific examples of the nominee’s accomplishments towards meeting the criteria.
  • Nominations should be submitted as a one-page letter addressed to the review committee.
  • Multiple nominations for a nominee will not impact selection, rather the alignment to the criteria.
  • Upload your nomination using the form below. The nomination deadline is May 21.