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Maggie Grevas

Maggie works for Hope of the Poor, a non-profit with the mission of alleviating the poverty of being unloved by being present to the poorest of the poor. Founded in Mexico City, Hope of the Poor’s missionaries are present to kids living in the street, homeless families, and people who live and work in the city dump. She organizes all their mission trips to help people have a radical encounter with Christ in the poor and Christ in the Eucharist in the shadow of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Learn more about Hope of the Poor mission trips here. She also helps to bring the stories of the poor and the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe to others through sharing the image and the miracles. 

Maggie was a participant of the GIVEN Forum in 2019. Her action plan is to help Hope of the Poor grow, to learn about non-profit management, and to bring and share the image and beauty of Our Lady of Guadalupe to groups of women.

The wife of a FOCUS missionary, and mother of 2 little girls, they have lived in multiple locations including Pittsburgh, Indiana, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and dream of settling in the rolling hills of Virginia.