Each GIVEN Forum attendee will participate in a specific track that will help to shape the small group discussions and mentorship received throughout the Forum.

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Entrepreneurial Track

This track is designed for young women who have a heart for mission and an inspired idea for a new program or apostolate. They will be guided by established women leaders who will help them solidify their vision and develop a strategic plan to help bring it to life.

Post-missionary Track

This track is for young adult women who have spent one-three years in long-term service or missionary work and who are looking for guidance in finding their next step. They will be paired with mentors who can help them identify their gifts and skills as well as opportunities for their future.

Catholic Professional Track

This track is for women who are working within Catholic organizations (ex: diocesan employees, youth/young adult/campus ministers, educators, non-profit employees) who would like to develop as a leader in their ministry. They will be mentored by leading Catholic women in a variety of ministries within the Church.

Secular Professional Track

This track is for Catholic women working in a secular profession or in the public square who are looking for help integrating their faith and professional life. This track will connect them to Catholic women who work in a diversity of professional fields and in leadership/executive positions.

General Discernment Track

This track is for women who have a heart for mission and an aptitude for leadership and who are open to where the Holy Spirit might be leading them. The track is geared toward helping participants in discern and making decisions about a particular vocation, state of life, or profession.

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