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“Without cost you have received; without cost you are to give.” Mt. 10:8

GIVEN alumnae take what they have learned at the leadership forum and leave with an action plan in hand. That plan is meant to put their gifts in service of the Gospel within a particular community.

Here are a few samples of action plans from the 2016 Forum.

Behold: Visio Divina

“My action plan was to do a 5-week program on praying with art, particularly on the theme of the feminine genius. I found praying with art transforming in my own journey with God and wanted to share that with others. Since GIVEN, my action plan has turned into a full-time mission. I am now working for organization called Behold, which has published a guide to the practice of “visio divina” and provide workshops in parishes and in our online community.”

Visio Divina

The Change Purse

“My action plan was called The Change Purse. I collected handbags, toiletries, and winter things to be distributed to women in need in NYC. Each handbag was filled with the toiletries and something warm to wear. They were then distributed to five organizations throughout NYC to be given to women in need. The response from the project was so great that each location also received one or two large containers of extra toiletries, in addition to the stuffed bags.”

The Catholic Woman

“The Catholic Woman non-profit is a storytelling platform with the mission to illustrate the many faces and vocations of women in the Church by publishing stories from Catholic women of all walks of life to show millennial Catholic women that there is a place for them in the Church. Our reach is currently at 24,000.”

The Catholic Woman